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Who Does Your Garden has been providing garden design, fine gardening services and unique seasonal container plantings for homes in Toronto neighbourhoods since 2005. WDYG focuses on expanding the potential of the urban garden by integrating ecological principals with horticultural practices.


We strive to create diverse, resilient, and stunning plant communities. A garden is not static; it never stops evolving and will always be a work in progress. Our role as the gardener is to watch, interpret, understand and at critical moments, give a push to direct the landscape to align with your vision.


Our team of experienced horticulturists and budding ecologists work in various urban settings and provide timely, quality and sustainable garden care. We specialize in design and installation services, sustainable maintenance practices, rehabilitative pruning methods, bulb planting, and soil management.


After many years of observing and cultivating a wide range of plants in various settings throughout the seasons, our accumulated knowledge will help you expand the potential of your outdoor space. The result will leave your neighbours, friends and passersby asking, Who Does Your Garden?

See how we can help you.

Lori and her crew (and their green thumbs) have worked magic in our front and back yards. I highly recommend her and guarantee you will be thrilled with the results! She is efficient, knowledgeable and super professional. Lori carefully identifies and sources the rights plants for the specific setting. She knows how to plant under the “dreaded” black walnut tree, diligently prepares the soil before planting and finds creative planting solutions where sprinkler pipes are in the way. As if that weren’t enough, she is also a great teacher – she taught me correct planting, pruning and fertilizer techniques.

Line — Moore Park, Toronto   


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