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Whether it’s a native woodland setting, a tranquil ravine, a container or a sunbaked corner lot, our approach to design respects the opportunities and constraints of the landscape. We explore your needs, preferences, aspirations and how you use your garden, then develop a comprehensive plan to create an ideal space where plants not only live but thrive. 


Before any digging is done, we investigate the surrounding conditions and consider the current weather patterns. Our choice of tools is also deliberate so that disruption to neighbouring root systems is minimal. Then, when it’s planting time, we use time-tested techniques to ensure plants reach their full potential.  


Landscapes are dynamic, ever-changing environments that respond to natural processes like light, temperature, moisture and wind as they grow and mature. Our approach to garden care involves thinking ahead and working with nature. Efforts spent on planting, pruning, deadheading, dividing, edging, transplanting, staking, and yes, even weeding, are all steps towards building beautiful, sustainable plant communities.


It all starts with the soil, the life-giving force of any garden. We create conditions that encourage natural biological processes that ensure your soil is balanced, alive and productive. Healthy soil means fewer weeds, better water absorption and resilient plants overall. Soil should not be the root of any problem!

Soil Management


From blooms to fruit, to seed and blooms again. Understanding the life cycle of plants is a critical component of pruning. Not all plant types are pruned the same way and respecting their differences is essential. We always encourage the natural forms and shapes of trees and shrubs.


Whether we are giving you a brand-new garden, or bringing vitality back to an established one, we evaluate all aspects using a holistic approach to create a high performing, and healthy garden.


Container plantings mark the seasons. They can punctuate a space, create privacy, enliven a setting and can be a food source for you and our pollinators. The versatility of container gardening is endless and also allows plants to grow where nothing otherwise would. 

Container Design

We’ve all heard of home staging but when the garden looks fantastic, you’ve succeeded at wowing potential buyers before they even step onto the property. We can ensure your home’s first impression makes an indelible and irresistible imprint. 

Real Estate Sales

If you have any questions about us or our services we'd love to hear from you!


Lori and her crew are skilled and knowledgeable - have maintained and developed our city shaded garden so it is (despite the presence of two Labradors) a cool lovely oasis of green. Service is excellent. I can hardly wait to have spring appear and have her back!  

MF – Deer Park, Toronto

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